ALT Timer (Vote)

Due to the community vote regarding the ALT timer it will now be turned off during the week and reactivated during raid hours.

KOS Rules (currently)

You can kill if.
  • If you see someone/group out and about and they fire on you, you can defend yourself.
  • If its an agreed PVP.
  • You are hunting a bounty.

That's all there is atm anything else you think we should add let us know either with a suggestions ticket or a DM.


We are only trialling the KOS atm the idea was to try to get people out of there bases during the week we had many people just building bases sitting behind walls farming NPC's never going out.

We will put it back up for a vote see what people want Shortly.

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TWO New Areas

Hey Guys 

Quick update.....

New areas have been spawned on our Chernarus Server an improved version of Krasno Airfield and the second area is the south west dam Located just behind Dobryy 

The New Map for the deathmatch hopefully should be up and running by the start of next week.

We will be adding new areas & updating old areas on both Chernarus & Livonia to increase population.

If you survivors have any ideas of areas or updates your think would be good please do open a 》suggestions ticket and let us know hope u enjoy these new areas and have fun!

NewKrasno DobryyS

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New Section

Hey Guys,

Following up from a suggestion from closecraneop and community vote we have added a new section to our discord called :: Community Sharing.

> Right now its new and may be updated as we go so any ideas let us know.

We have decided to change the #????︱screenshots & #????︱game-clips channels to that of posts so people can comment on each one as they like...

> However we will be removing the old channels at some point so if there are clips or screenshots you would like to save get them asap.

We have also decided like beef chat you will need to react in #✴》start-here Channel, that way people will have the choice if they want that section or not.

Discord New

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Merry Christmas

Chillout DayZ Staff Team wishing all members of our community a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you all for being apart of our community, and thank you for your continued support smile 

As always if you have any suggestions on how we can improve servers and/or discord or the community in general please visit us in discord and open a Suggestions ticket.


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Livonia Bonfires & Zombie Mummies

Livonia Update....

Next server reset bonfires will become active they can be found on the iZurvive map, i have also added custom bonfires all with loot.

Be-aware however some have Zombie Mummies protecting that loot, they are extremely hard to kill..


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